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Thank you Bloomberg:

“Obama Lesson on Debt Talks Is Standing Firm on Tax Rates”

By Julianna Goldman & Mike Dorning – Dec 5, 2012


“Obama: No Deal On Fiscal Cliff Without Higher Tax Rates For Wealthy”

Published on Dec 4, 2012 by 

“Bloomberg TV’s Julianna Goldman spoke with President Obama today to discuss the fiscal cliff and his efforts to compromise with Republican leaders. In a lengthy interview in the Map Room of the White House, President Obama told Goldman that he is willing to make further cuts in entitlements, but insists that Republicans accept higher tax rates for top earners in the US.

President Obama says there will be no deal if tax rates are not raised on the rich.

JULIANNA GOLDMAN: But this just sounds like the same old Washington gridlock. Speaker Boehner was here at the White House last night for a Christmas party. The two of you didn’t even speak. What’s it going to take to get the two of you in a room to hash this out?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, Speaker Boehner and I speak frequently. And, you know, I think the issue right now –

GOLDMAN: So when? When will the two of you sit down in a room?

OBAMA: You know, I don’t think that the issue right now has to do with sitting in a room. The issue right now that’s relevant is the acknowledgment that if we’re going to raise revenues that are sufficient to balance with the very tough cuts that we’ve already made and the further reforms in entitlements that I’m prepared to make, that we’re going to have to see the rates on the top 2 percent go up. And we’re not going to be able to get a deal without it.

And understand, Julianna, the reason for that. It’s not me being stubborn. It’s not me being partisan. It’s just a matter of math. You know, there’s been a lot of talk that somehow we can raise $800 billion or $1 trillion worth of revenue just by closing loopholes and deductions, but a lot of your viewers understand that the only way to do that would be if you completely eliminated, for example, charitable deductions. Well, if you eliminated charitable deductions, that means every hospital and university and not-for-profit agency across the country would suddenly find themselves on the verge of collapse. So that’s not a realistic option.

When you look at how much revenue you can actually raise by closing loopholes and deductions, it’s probably in the range of $300 billion to $400 billion. That’s not enough to come up with a balanced plan that actually reduces the deficit and puts us on the path of long-term stability.

So what I’m going to need, what the country needs, what the business community needs, in order to get to where we need to be, is an acknowledgment that folks like me can afford to pay a little bit higher rate. If we combine that with a tax reform process and entitlement reform, then we can get to a $4 trillion deficit reduction package that actually helps our economy grow, rather than weakens our economy, either in the short term or in the long term.”



“Pelosi Challenges Republicans To Put Up A Vote On Middle Class Tax Cuts”

“Thank you very much Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, as we all know, in the course of the election, the President made it very clear that he was supporting the extension of the middle income tax cuts and everyone, 100 percent of the American people, would benefit from it. One hundred percent of taxpayers, small businesses, wage earners, and the rest. The Republicans are saying that rather than passing that they want to hold it hostage to giving an additional tax cut to people making over $250,000 a year. That’s not negotiating. That’s hostage taking.

“So, today on the floor of the House, the Democrats have proposed a discharge petition, which if it receives 218 signatures – that’s only a couple dozen Republicans joining the Democrats – would automatically come to the floor and I predict, would receive the overwhelming support of the House of Representatives.

“The American people want us to work together. We are in agreement on this subject. Why? Why, my Republican colleagues, can we not vote on something where we have agreement? Where we have fairness? That will work to create jobs, to reduce the deficit, and will again, have fairness. This is the heart of the matter that is holding us here as the public watches – what is this about? This is about the $250,000 line that the President said in the campaign that he would honor and that this legislation today brings to bear.

“I urge my colleagues – out of 435 Members of the House, we only need a couple dozen Republicans to sign the discharge petition. Each one of them holds the key to a $2,000 tax cut for the middle class. Either sign the petition, urge the Speaker to bring the bill to the floor, or explain to your constituents why you do not want them to have this $2,000 tax break if they are – for 100 percent of the American people. Please sign the discharge petition. Let’s get this done this week. We could bring this bill up under unanimous consent – the message would be clear to the American people: we heard you in the campaign, be fair, do something that works, work together. This gives us that opportunity.

“Thank you, Mr. Speaker.”



U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA) spoke passionately from the Senate Floor yesterday re: The Disability Treaty. Republicans stunningly voted NO.

“Senator Kerry Urges Passage of Disabilities Treaty”

Published on Dec 4, 2012 by 

“Senator Kerry delivered remarks on the Senate floor urging the passage of the “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,” an international agreement for protecting the rights of individuals with disabilities, prior to the final vote.”

“Kerry: Failure to Pass Disabilities Treaty is Evidence of a Broken Senate”

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

“Washington, DC – Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, issued the following statement today after Senate Republicans voted down the “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,” an international agreement for protecting the rights of individuals with disabilities, by a vote of 61 to 38.  The Treaty required 66 votes to pass or two-thirds of the Senators who were present.


“This is one of the saddest days I’ve seen in almost 28 years in the Senate and it needs to be a wakeup call about a broken institution that’s letting down the American people,” said Sen. Kerry. “We need to fix this place because what happens and doesn’t happen here affects millions of lives. Today the dysfunction hurt veterans and the disabled and that’s unacceptable. This treaty was supported by every veterans group in America and Bob Dole made an inspiring and courageous personal journey back to the Senate to fight for it. It had bipartisan support, and it had the facts on its side, and yet for one ugly vote, none of that seemed to matter. We won’t give up on this and the Disabilities Treaty will pass because it’s the right thing to do, but today I understand better than ever before why Americans have such disdain for Congress and just how much must happen to fix the Senate so we can act on the real interests of our country.”


After the Committee on Foreign Relations received the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities last May, Kerry held a hearing in which administration officials and advocacy group representatives voiced their strong support.  He has emphasized the impact the convention would have on American service members.  Testifying at the July hearing was John Lancaster, 1st LT., U.S. Marine Corps (ret.), who called it “unacceptable that many Americans with disabilities cannot leave the borders of the United States without the fear of stigma, barriers and denial of their rights” and urged passage on behalf of 21 veteran service organizations. Later that month, the resolution was amended and passed out of the Foreign Relations Committee by a bi-partisan vote of 13 to 6.


The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities had the bipartisan backing of President George H.W. Bush and former Republican Majority leader Bob Dole, who attended today’s vote with his wife, former Senator Elizabeth Dole.”



The horror of events in Kansas City, the culture of violence, the flooding of guns in America, and the undeniable blood and loss of life of millions is reason enough to address the serious issue of gun violence in America.  

Thank you Jason Whitlock & FOX Sports.

“In KC, it’s no time for a game”



“Whitlock, Costas talk gun control”





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