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Tuesday 22 March, 9PM ET Live:

Join us for ‘REAL RAW RIGHT NOW…’ dialog, & connection on the many issues, events & concerns, current & longterm, in your best interest(s), in most laps, and on most tables.


Establishment politicians say what they think audiences want to hear, or pandering for votes is what most are used to at this point in our nations Wall Street purchased, Washington D.C. special interest marinated political process. Maybe this is why so many have detached themselves, dropped out, do not care, & cannot see themselves taking part in the political process.


All everyday Americans & Black people especially, know most of all… the vapid, empty vastness of empty political pandering rhetoric. Too many Americans live in a systemic & continuous, state of economic & financial crisis.’ Economic respect is long overdue.


The evidence is everywhere for anyone to observe- its everywhere from our nations broken race based targeting criminal justice system, to the dilapidated neglected schools, the national lack of prioritization of educating our children, to suppressed, and stagnated wages. Since when is any nation great when more money is invested in FOR PROFIT PRISONS, than in education for its citizenry?

How do WE have trillions for war(s), global nation building, & tens of billions for tax cuts to the wealthiest, yet America’s families & ensuring Americans longterm interests are addressed, & respected is literally NOT on the to do list for establishment politicians.

Example: infrastructure must be non partisan, innovative, up to date, globally competitive, & should work to facilitate families, and economic viability for ALL Americans. Period.


Isn’t it far past time WE step out of the box, and NOT follow like taken for granted political sheep – giving our voter currency to a candidate that has a long legacy of advocating for, or voting for policies that have literally eviscerated & continue to devastate our communities?  Well, isn’t it?

The pain is real, the policies are deliberate, and just some of the core results from establishment politics are: 47million + Americans in poverty, the constant, continuous erosion of our middle class, the never ending pain of deliberate impoverishment of millions of Americans, the litany of problems connected to poor education, systemic poverty, a broken, corrupted criminal justice system & historic concentrations of wealth, ALL protected by a corrupted, loophole filled tax code, along with the corrupted political system that legalized buying elections, and our political processes, while masses of Americans are continuously Lied To, Looked Over, Blown Off, Reduced, & Dismissed POLITICALLY?!  What, Why & WHO Are YOU Voting For? 


From private prison expansion policies, to Wall Street deregulation policies, to family devastating welfare reform policies, economy destroying trade policies, to supporting an illegal war that gave birth to so many more globally lethal, web expanding, national security paradigm shifting problems…


Why vote for any candidate that has this recorded legacy?  Why?


Are YOU Mad As A Hornets Nest, But… Continuously Make Excuses For Being Lied To, Looked Over, Blown Off, Reduced, & Dismissed POLITICALLY?! What, Why & WHO Are YOU Voting For?



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Feb 22, 2016
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Jan 19, 2016, By Robert Scheer


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MARCH 22, 2016, by CHRIS FLOYD


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By Zaid Jilani, May 20, 2015


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December 22, 2015, by Yvette Carnell


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July 24, 2015, by Sarah Lazare


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No Matter What… Know YOUR Value. 

No Matter What… Know YOU Matter. 

Dealing With The Difficult. REAL. RAW. RIGHT NOW… 




Tuesdays 9PM ET Live: