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Hi there, & thank You for joining us live, this past Tuesday, 8 December, 2015 & on demand.

Dealing With The Difficult. 


Here we go.

Political arrogance, ignorance, & unspeakable horrific violence seems to be encircling America, and the world. Mass shootings, domestic terrorism, police killings, daily homicides, suicides, endless war(s), & endless threats to propel more violence.

What is living in America like for you? What are your thoughts about today’s current political climate?  How are you processing the never ending litany of issues, events, & concerns coming at us 24/7/365?

Unprecedented, anti establishment, & off the rails is how many in America (and across the world) are viewing our political season, especially the Republican party.

Apparently the RNC’s 2014 ‘autopsy report, officially known as the “Growth & Opportunity Project” calls were clearly not heard, because bigotry, xenophobia, and divisiveness are full boar what the GOP is serving their constituents these days.

The Republican party’s flaming unbalanced mindset is being currently, & tangibly proven by the obscene & outrageous perspectives of its leading presidential candidate.

The leading Republican presidential candidate is currently calling for a ban on Muslims traveling to the United States… & this position is roaringly cheered by his supporters. This, of course is on top of the roaring support of rhetorical insults of our Latino brothers & sisters, and on, and on, and on.

The warped state of the Republican party mindset is clear & on global display.

Republicans built it, and they need to own it.

For decades the GOP has been marinated in bigoted strategy. From Nixon’s “southern strategy,” to Reagan’s “welfare queens.” We’ve seen “Birchers,” and cannot forget the twisted “birthers” of the McCain/Palin era. Trump simply emerged from the organic evolution of mainstreaming GOP RW extremism.

So, here we are. Now what?

What impact is all this incoming madness having on you? And what impact will all this madness have on us as a country?

What do WE as a country really stand for?  Can WE be honest with ourselves & each other? What is our role in this madness, & can we be courageous enough to call it flat out?

It’s a tragic out of body experience to watch the leading candidate of the Republican party casually speak such dangerously divisive rhetoric before his cheering supporters.

Do WE realize this is being watched around the world?  The cheering & support of this candidate is being beamed & propelled globally.  What kickback will this GOP rabid rhetoric have on us in this country? 

Ughhh hello!

Political candidates reflect this country domestically, and internationally.  The world is watching the images of roaring GOP supporters. The blatant & blazing discrimination, divisiveness, & bigoted pandering to the base of the Republican party is dangerous to Americans across the globe.

This GOP rhetorical insanity oxygenates threats to our nations overall national security. 

Are the American people this damn stupid? Can America survive it’s ignorant populous?

WE are witnessing the undeniable, tangible, dangerous, absolute without a damn doubt, clear national display of broad, wide, & deep American stupidity.

Serious stupidity IS a major threat to our national security. 

Join us for this special broadcast.

Be Heard. Be Inspiration. IDECLAIR IT.

Can WE survive our national arrogance & ignorance? Life in America today: Now What? 


No Matter What… Know YOUR Value.

No Matter What… Know YOU Matter.

Dealing With The Difficult.





Tues. 9 PM ET Live: