Could It Already Be Too Late? “Weekly Address: Meeting the Global Threat of Climate Change”

Good Monday, 31 August, 2015.   IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW... Back Live Tuesday, 15 September, 9PM ET. Hoping your summer has been safe, full of positive activity, and productive.  Of course too many have experienced strife, danger, sadness, loss, grief, protest, rage, and soul deep roaring personal expression. Times are tragically interesting to say the least, difficult, and full of unbelievable issues, events & … [Read more...]

“Let’s not mince words…” President Obama on the Iran Nuclear Deal

Wednesday 5 August, 2015. "The President Speaks on the Iran Nuclear Deal at American University" >>> "Remarks by the President on the Iran Nuclear Deal" 5 August, 2015 American University Washington, D.C. 11:58 A.M. EDT "THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  (Applause.)  Thank you so much.  Everybody, please have a seat.  Thank you very much.  I … [Read more...]

Historic & Powerful: President Obama Addresses the 106th National NAACP Conference

Good Wednesday 15 July, 2015. As the climate changes, and intense summer heat continues to sear, I hope you are safely enduring, and enjoying your summer. I too am taking a bit of a summer rest, and getting into serious exercise training (finally making peace & getting consistent w/ exercise discipline). No matter what, please know IDCM, TIDCS... will be returning to the airwaves soon. Of course we all know the issues, events, & concerns of our nation, & planet never stop … [Read more...]

Empower YOU. SUPPORT #VRAA2015 Legislation To Restore & Advance Voting Rights: “Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2015″ Protects Americans’ Nationwide From VOTER Discrimination!

In the two years since the Supreme Court eviscerated the historic, and legendary Voter Rights Act, Republican led states have passed a litany of 'Voter ID' laws.  These laws have resulted in the restricting of African Americans, Latinos, the elderly, students, the poor, and any other demographic who tends to vote Democrat from exercising their civic duty at the Polls. The blatant, right wing Republican, racist, naked political power grab has been egregious, vile, and totally fear rooted. The … [Read more...]

HISTORICALLY Masterful, Passionate Oratory, Eulogized Tribute: #AmazingGrace “The President Honors the Life of Reverend Clementa Pinckney”

A very good, and historic Friday, 26 June, 2015.  As always, thanks to You for listening to, participating in, and engaging w/ IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW...  Wow. Today was historic, momentous, and not to be forgotten. The LGBT community, and those they love got the long awaited, sweet justice that is so deserving. The United States Supreme Court ruled Gay people can legally marry across the nation. The victorious, historic ruling was sweeping, clear, and final.  Marriage … [Read more...]

Affordable Health Care In America is SCOTUS Affirmed! ~ Pres. Obama: “Five years in, this is no longer about a law. This is not about the Affordable Care Act as legislation, or Obamacare as a political football. This is health care in America.”

A historic Thursday, 25 June, 2015 in America. A key, and "critical" component of the 'Affordable Care Act' was upheld by Chief Justice Roberts' Supreme Court today. Today, the President, w/ Vice President Biden at his side, spoke of the huge, life saving, and family security impacting, historic marker. This is done.  America is moving forward.   IDECLAIR IT. @WhiteHouse "The President Speaks on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Affordable Care … [Read more...]


Good Tuesday, 23 June, 2015.  As always, thanks to You for listening to, participating in, & engaging w/ IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW... Tonight 9 PM ET Live here: Let's get REAL RAW RIGHT NOW... about the issue of race, race hatred, and The Confederate Flag that celebrates race hatred, discrimination, torture, domestic terrorism, and day to day demeaning of African Americans. The hashtag … [Read more...]

THE SECURITY of the (Compromised) SECURITY: Tuesday, 9 June 9 PM ET Live: @IDECLAIRMEDIA Crisis: Raising Black Children (SAFELY?) In America ~ ESPN ‘ESPY Awards,’ The Iconic Arthur Ashe’s Legacy, & Caitlin Jenner? ~ VOTER RIGHTS Advocacy & Issues

A good Monday evening, 8 June 2015 to you & yours. As always, thanks to You for listening to, participating in, & engaging w/ IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW...  @IDECLAIRMEDIA Coming up: Tonight: THE SECURITY of the (Compromised)... SECURITY! Global, National, Economic, Financial, Academic, HealthCare, Climate, Personal, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual... and any other SECURITY we've forgotten... WE Discuss. Tuesday 9 June, 9 PM ET Live … [Read more...]

On The Next IDCMEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW… POTUS Announces Steps to Police Demilitarization ~ Infrastructure & YOU ~ Elizabeth Warren FOR THE PEOPLE! Join US, Tues. 9P ET Live. IDECLAIR IT.

As always, thanks to YOU for listening to, participating in, & engaging w/ IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW...  Get IDCM, TIDCS... Tuesday 9PM ET Live Here: Coming up: POTUS Announces Steps to Police Demilitarization ~ Infrastructure & YOU ~  Senator Elizabeth Warren FOR THE PEOPLE! IDECLAIR IT. >>> @WhiteHouse "The President Speaks to Youth and Law Enforcement in New … [Read more...]

TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership ‘FREE TRADE’ (12 Country) Mega Deal: Jobs LOST, Wages Lowered, Protections Non Existent, (and of course) Massive Corporate GIVEAWAYS

As always thanks to You for listening to, participating in, & engaging w/ IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW... Thanks for listening!  Join us Tuesdays 9 PM ET live here: Are Americans being played for stupid... again? Where is fair trade where workers, the environment, and humanity dominate trade engagements?  Where is humane globalization?  Where are trade deals lifting the standards & quality of life … [Read more...]