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Good Tuesday 11 June, 2013.  Thanks for kicking political exhaustion, listening, participating, and ENGAGING w/ IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW…

Today is day 2 of the George Zimmerman trial in Florida.  The late Trayvon Martin’s parents, Mr. Tracy Martin, and Sabryna Fulton call for prayers, peace, and justice.  The Martin Family has been beautifully honorable, elegant, and prayerful.  Prayers and thank you for your courage. 

*The NSA leaker/traitor Edward Snowden continues to dominate the news.  Your thoughts?  Is the issue of surveillance new to you?   What are your thoughts on the case of Edward Snowden?  

I submit, when WeThePeople accepted Internet communication, and became Internet consumers, we (knowingly or unknowingly) traded privacy with that transaction of Internet consumption. What say you? 

*WeThePeople must always keep our eye on the economy, and the horrific and fascinating gird of Monetary Policy.  That’s where the action is baby.  

Professors Richard D. Wolff, and William K. Black help us ALL maintain a concentrated focus on the myriad of blatant, bold, historic economic, and monetary policy injustices before us.  

*** Day 2 George Zimmerman Trial: Trayvon Martin’s Parents Call For Prayers, Peace, & Justice  

“Trayvon Martin’s father calls for peace at the start of the Zimmerman murder trial”

Jun 10, 2013

“Trayvon Martin’s family issued a statement at the start of the George Zimmerman murder trial.”

“George Zimmerman Trial: Advocacy and Action Brought Us Here”

Posted: 06/11/2013

*** NSA Data Leaker/Traitor Edward Snowden: Data NAKED New World  ***  Is This New To YOU? 

The NSA data leaker/traitor Edward Snowden is still big talk across the country, and internationally.   Why do low level government contractors have access to such sensitive data?  How does an Edward Snowden come to be?  

Let’s be clear, these NSA laws are going nowhere, therefore We The People need to ascertain how to live in this new DATA NAKED World.

“K Street lobbyists tight-lipped about efforts to influence the NSA”

Kevin Bogardus – 06/11/13

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“Boehner calls Snowden a ‘traitor,’ defends NSA surveillance programs”

Daniel Strauss – 06/11/13

“What You Should Know About The Intelligence Community’s Contractors”

Hayes Brown on Jun 10, 2013


*** Economic Insecurity & Injustice: Prof’s Richard D. Wolff & William K. Black Follow the Money!  

Two of my favorite books, and authors below!    &

“Taming Capitalism Run Wild”

Jun 7, 2013

“Economist Richard Wolff joins Bill to shine light on the disaster left behind in capitalism’s wake, and to discuss the fight for economic justice — including a fair minimum wage.”



The MUST READ by Prof. William K. Black “The Best Way to Rob A Bank Is To Own One”

“The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One: How Corporate Executives and Politicians Looted the S&L Industry”

Check out Professor Blacks’s website out here:

Thank you

“Bank Profits Soar, Wages Suffer Sharpest Decline in 60 Years”

 Jun 9, 2013

“Bill Black: The economy is recovering—unless you work for a paycheck.”

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