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Good Thursday 27 September, 2012.  Thanks for listening, participating, and ENGAGING w/ IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW…

Today, we get your thoughts on the many issues, events, and concerns facing Americans today.   Voting rights, women’s rights, workers rights, civil rights, collective bargaining rights, access to education (on all levels), health care, child care, national security, economic security, geo political issues, wars, and on, and on, and on… Know your value, know you matter!  No Matter What… VOTE! 

Also, Smallness and all the ‘small energy’ out there.  My take on why we are seeing the Punitive, ridiculous, code worded, shrill filled surrogates on the right!  


“Four Reasons Why Romney Might Still Win”


“A Message from Robert Reich–“You Are Needed, and Now Is The Time For Action!””

Published on Sep 26, 2012 by 

“Tune in for a brief message from Robert Reich about why we shouldn’t become complacent about Romney, and why Voters Rising is a great way to engage this election.”


“Scott Brown Supporters Mock Elizabeth Warren With Tomahawk Chop, War Cries (VIDEO)”


“Elizabeth Warren for MA | TV Ad: Family”

Published on Sep 24, 2012 by Elizabeth Warren sets the record straight about her family’s Native American heritage.”




Published on Jun 23, 2012 by 

If Mitt Romney wins, the middle class loses.”



“Mitt Romney on Bain’s plan to buy and “harvest” companies”

Published on Sep 27, 2012 by 

“Read David Corn’s story about this video:

“Mother Jones has obtained a video from 1985 in which Romney, describing Bain’s formation, showed how he viewed the firm’s mission. He explained that its goal was to identify potential and hidden value in companies, buy significant stakes in these businesses, and then “harvest them at a significant profit” within five to eight years.

The video was included in a CD-ROM created in 1998 to mark the 25th anniversary of Bain & Company, the consulting firm that gave birth to Bain Capital. Here is the full clip, as it appeared on that CD-ROM (the editing occurred within the original).”


An IDECLAIR IT!~ Special Comment: 

IDECLAIR IT!~  There is an tremendous energy of smallness in our politics today.  

The energy of  the Smalls is to be, think, live, & orate in very small (& punitive) ways.  

The Smalls are those who think in punitive terms, use punishing rhetoric, and create punitive policy to continue conditioning masses, maintain chaos to distort, & distract from status quo policies not in your best interest.  

Example: The tax code, and those as Mitt Romney who ‘maximize’ it!  

I have often referred to those who subscribe to this shrill, seething, small, shrunken, and scared mindset as “Constant Chaos Creators” & Constant Chaos Creation.  

The Smalls are shrinking, and scared of new demographic realities.  The Smalls shrill, rhetoric, and policy is a last grab effort to exercise their (pro super wealthy) agenda.  

The Republican strategy & utility of punitive rhetoric & policy. 

Punitivitlity, (yes I know it’s a made up word) is the Republican mindset of utilizing punitive methodologies, via policy, rhetoric, constant chaos creation, consistent obstruction, & filibustering of economic opportunity, punitive oration, name calling, cold, callous, tactics all punitive to Americans economic security.    

Punitive policy such as ‘The Ryan Budget’  eviscerates social safety nets, voucherizes Medicare, block grants Medicaid, raises taxes on poor, and working class folks, while simultaneously gives tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires.  

Republican strategy, pundits, surrogates, & policy are all punitive.  



Thank you

“The real Romney-Ryan budgets cuts aren’t to Medicare. They’re to programs for the poor.”

Posted by Ezra Klein on August 22, 2012



Romney’s Budget Plan Could Kill Millions Of Jobs Over The Next Two Years

By Travis Waldron on Sep 27, 2012


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