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Good Monday 2 April, today on THE IDECLAIR SHOW…

>> We hear The Weekly Address, President Obama is calling for tax rate fairness.  You bet… if we the middle of America can pay 28+ % tax rate, why can’t the wealthiest pay their fair share?!

>> We move into the issue of health care in America.  I elaborate on the twisted irony of Republicans ripping and stripping health care access from Americans while receiving “cadillac” government health care themselves as Congressional representatives.

On the issue of health care, we hear a scathingly brilliant rant from “Old Fart Rants”  http/ .

For those Republicans who are anxious to defund The Affordable Care Act, aka “ObamaCare” (even though The Affordable Care Act is a Republican originated concept, and strategy), what do Republicans offer as a solution to the national health care crisis: the lack of health care access, and massive unaffordability for millions of Americans.

How is it right, fair, or sane for legislators who enjoy premium health care access paid for by the taxpayer, to deny those same Americans (who pay for their health care) access to the same health care?   So let’s get this straight… “We The People” pay for legislators health care, while they simultaneously deny health care access for the American people (paying for theirs)?  Hungh?

Back to Old Fart Rants… this video is MUST SEE:

“”You’re On Your Own” by Old Fart Rants”

“Uploaded by on Mar 31, 2012″

“When Richard Nixon came up with the idea to make employers responsible for making healthcare available to their employees through insurance companies nobody, was screaming about the big Nazi government doing unconstitutional things to impede job creators were they? And we’ve been stuck ever since with a healthcare system that, to my knowledge, no other major civilized country in the world has. A healthcare system which millions of Americans can’t get or can’t afford. A healthcare system that’s made medical bills the # 1 cause of bankruptcy. A healthcare system that’s put 3 dozen other countries ahead of us in overall quality of health care. And now the well being of tens of millions of Americans is at stake with the lawsuits challenging Obamacae. And something else is at stake too – the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court that gave us president Bush instead of the guy who actually won the election. The Supreme Court that gave us Citizen’s United which is allowing big corporations to literally buy democracy right out from underneath us as we speak. And we’re going to leave the fate of millions of sick and dying people up to a clearly stacked and obviously politically partisan court? we have 2 Supreme Court Justices with direct ties to the Tea Party and the Koch brothers whose rulings will affect he health and the very life or death of millions of Americans, clearly demonstrating that they neither know or care what’s actually in the law. Scalia and Thomas should both be removed from ruling on this case but they won’t be because big money now owns the United States, thanks to them. We won’t know until June but it doesn’t look good for Obamacare. And since all Republicans have done in the past 2 years is make access to abortion difficult if not impossible, what’s their plan for all the babies they will force women to deliver who have debilitating and terminal diseases which will bankrupt their parents because no insurance company will cover their pre-existing conditions? Nothing — their plan is, your own your own.”

>> The Republican advocated, legislated, voted for and passed Ryan Budget is a stark and clear choice for Americans to examine and decide who and what to support.   Decimating Medicare, and Medicaid, raising taxes on Americas most economically vulnerable, and gutting most if not all social safety nets is what the Paul Ryan Budget is all about!  Oh, and by the way Mitt Romney has fully embraced the GOP budget disaster!

NYTimes Op-Ed Columnist Paul Krugman has a MUST READ.  

“Pink Slime Economics”


>> And of course we turn to JUSTICE For Trayvon Martin.  The fight continues.

The weight, and impact of being Black in America.  The horrific murder of 17 year old,  innocent Trayvon Martin by self proclaimed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, has millions across America and the world upset, disturbed, some are enraged, and all are calling for justice.

Unfortunately, there are many other killings of young Black men, by police, vigilantes, and by Black Americans themselves.   As we speak to consistently on THE IDECLAIR SHOW… the lack of value seen in the lives of Black life, domestically and globally is a very deep, and disturbing issue, even, and concern.

HBO star Bill Maher, and the fabulous NewYorkTimes columnist Charles Blow sit down and bring it REAL RAW RIGHT NOW… on the Trayvon Martin case, race, racism, and JUSTICE.

“Bill Maher, Charles Blow on Trayvon Martin”

“Uploaded by on Mar 24, 2012″

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