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>> Today, we delve into the next big debate in Washington and across America… the debt ceiling debate.  The issue with this 112TH Republican led Congress is always they want $0.00 dollars in revenue from closing tax loopholes, or raising taxes on the top earners in our great country.

The GOP is (yet again) willing to risk the full credit rating of the USA (because they want to see Pres. Obama fail) by demanding even more draconian, social safety net gutting cuts from average Americans who are already hurting economically, are financially vulnerable, & are already pulled super tight to make ends meet.

For Congressional Republicans to attack, hold hostage, and insult the American People with this political and legislative ‘russian roulette’ debt ceiling debacle, IS MORALLY DESPICABLE!   REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!


“Republican Priorities”

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“Reid: Spending Cuts Must Not Gut Programs For Middle Class”

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“Nevada Senator Harry Reid says the best path the Senate can take to address the nation’s fiscal challenges is one that’s balanced.”


Could you lose $2 Billion on your watch at your job… and still keep your job?  Apparently Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase can do just that.   JPMorgan Chase, and the rest of Wall St. are still gambling, and betting recklessly … will We The People have to step in again, and bailout these ‘too big to exist’ institutions?  We have millions unemployed, small businesses desperately in need of capital, and yet we see Wall St. continuing the same old, same old.

How can Mr. Dimond be CEO of JPMorgan Chase, and sit on the board of the regulator of the very financial institution he is the head of … is that not a MASSIVE, WHOPPING, BLATANT, AND BLAZING conflict of interest?  YES!

Yes, Congress passed regulations and reforms, but let’s face it Wall St. OWNS Congress!

“JP Morgan’s Conflict of Interest”

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We also spoke of this:

>> I read this yesterday, and my REAL RAW RIGHT NOW… is I don’t believe it a bit!  What say you?  

“Court records: Zimmerman had 2 black eyes, nose fracture after Trayvon Martin’s fatal shooting”


>> Should the Filibuster be declared unconstitutional?

Four Members of Congress Sue To Declare Filibuster Unconstitutional


>> We heard a powerful, and super informative segment from ls evenings MSNBC’S ‘The ED Show’ Fmr. Senator Byron Dorgan spoke of the absolutes the government must do to attempt to reign in Wall St. and the possible tanking (again) of our economy.



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