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The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is under assault for people of color, the elderly, students, Independents, and/or Democrats.  If you are not informed, engaged, and taking action re: YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE… you could most certainly lose it!  IDECLAIR IT!

“The Voting Rights Act of 1965”

“The 1965 Enactment”

“By 1965 concerted efforts to break the grip of state disfranchisement had been under way for some time, but had achieved only modest success overall and in some areas had proved almost entirely ineffectual. The murder of voting-rights activists in Philadelphia, Mississippi, gained national attention, along with numerous other acts of violence and terrorism. Finally, the unprovoked attack on March 7, 1965, by state troopers on peaceful marchers crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, en route to the state capitol in Montgomery, persuaded the President and Congress to overcome Southern legislators’ resistance to effective voting rights legislation. President Johnson issued a call for a strong voting rights law and hearings began soon thereafter on the bill that would become the Voting Rights Act.

Congress determined that the existing federal anti-discrimination laws were not sufficient to overcome the resistance by state officials to enforcement of the 15th Amendment. The legislative hearings showed that the Department of Justice’s efforts to eliminate discriminatory election practices by litigation on a case-by-case basis had been unsuccessful in opening up the registration process; as soon as one discriminatory practice or procedure was proven to be unconstitutional and enjoined, a new one would be substituted in its place and litigation would have to commence anew.

President Johnson signed the resulting legislation into law on August 6, 1965.  Section 2 of the Act, which closely followed the language of the 15th amendment, applied a nationwide prohibition against the denial or abridgment of the right to vote on the literacy tests on a nationwide basis. Among its other provisions, the Act contained special enforcement provisions targeted at those areas of the country where Congress believed the potential for discrimination to be the greatest. Under Section 5, jurisdictions covered by these special provisions could not implement any change affecting voting until the Attorney General or the United States District Court for the District of Columbia determined that the change did not have a discriminatory purpose and would not have a discriminatory effect. In addition, the Attorney General could designate a county covered by these special provisions for the appointment of a federal examiner to review the qualifications of persons who wanted to register to vote. Further, in those counties where a federal examiner was serving, the Attorney General could request that federal observers monitor activities within the county’s polling place.

The Voting Rights Act had not included a provision prohibiting poll taxes, but had directed the Attorney General to challenge its use. In Harper v. Virginia State Board of Elections, 383 U.S. 663 (1966), the Supreme Court held Virginia’s poll tax to be unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment. Between 1965 and 1969 the Supreme Court also issued several key decisions upholding the constitutionality of Section 5 and affirming the broad range of voting practices that required Section 5 review. As the Supreme Court put it in its 1966 decision upholding the constitutionality of the Act:

Congress had found that case-by-case litigation was inadequate to combat wide-spread and persistent discrimination in voting, because of the inordinate amount of time and energy required to overcome the obstructionist tactics invariably encountered in these lawsuits. After enduring nearly a century of systematic resistance to the Fifteenth Amendment, Congress might well decide to shift the advantage of time and inertia from the perpetrators of the evil to its victims.

South Carolina v. Katzenbach, 383 U.S. 301, 327-28 (1966).

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The 1970 and 1975 Amendments

Congress extended Section 5 for five years in 1970 and for seven years in 1975. With these extensions Congress validated the Supreme Court’s broad interpretation of the scope of Section 5. During the hearings on these extensions Congress heard extensive testimony concerning the ways in which voting electorates were manipulated through gerrymandering, annexations, adoption of at-large elections, and other structural changes to prevent newly-registered black voters from effectively using the ballot. Congress also heard extensive testimony about voting discrimination that had been suffered by Hispanic, Asian and Native American citizens, and the 1975 amendments added protections from voting discrimination for language minority citizens.

In 1973, the Supreme Court held certain legislative multi-member districts unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment on the ground that they systematically diluted the voting strength of minority citizens in Bexar County, Texas. This decision in White v. Regester, 412 U.S. 755 (1973), strongly shaped litigation through the 1970s against at-large systems and gerrymandered redistricting plans. In Mobile v. Bolden, 446 U.S. 55 (1980), however, the Supreme Court required that any constitutional claim of minority vote dilution must include proof of a racially discriminatory purpose, a requirement that was widely seen as making such claims far more difficult to prove.

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The 1982 Amendments

Congress renewed in 1982 the special provisions of the Act, triggered by coverage under Section 4 for twenty-five years. Congress also adopted a new standard, which went into effect in 1985, providing how jurisdictions could terminate (or “bail out” from) coverage under the provisions of Section 4. Furthermore, after extensive hearings, Congress amended Section 2 to provide that a plaintiff could establish a violation of the Section without having to prove discriminatory purpose.

The 2006 Amendments

Congress renewed the special provisions of the Act in 2006 as part of the Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Cesar E. Chavez, Barbara Jordan, William Velazquez and Dr. Hector Garcia Voting Rights Act Reauthorization and Amendments Act. The 2006 legislation eliminated the provision for voting examiners.”




>> Dear listeners, I love the privilege of speaking with each of you.  I learn so much, all the time.  One of my favorite IDCM Family members is DocDon, whom I respectfully refer to as TheDEAN!

TheDEAN took time from his busy day to share his well earned wisdom, and knowledge with myself and all of you.

TheDEAN:  The key to it all is KNOWLEDGE!  Not necessarily a PhD, but eye opening to the internet, your libraries… knowledge… ANY WAY YOU CAN!  Seek knowledge of the Matrix, so you will know how to navigate your way & deal with the Matrix.

TheDEAN went on to ask if he could suggest a list of writings we should ALL have in our libraries.  I eagerly said “YES, MY PEN and paper are ready to receive the list, and I’m sure the audience is ready too!

TheDEAN went on to list these books we should ALL read, and absorb.   Thank you DEAN, for being a tremendous example of knowledge, and wisdom.


1. “The Destruction of Black Civilization” by Dr. Chancellor Williams

“Dr. Chancellor Williams The Destruction of Black Civilization Part 1 of 3”

“Uploaded by  on Dec 5, 2009″

“Author of Destruction of Black Civilization”
“Chancellor Williams, the youngest of five children, was born in Bennetsville, South Carolina December 22, 1898. His father had been a slave; his mother a cook, nurse, and evangelist. A stirring writer, Chancellor Williams achieved wide acclaim as the author of the 1971 publication, The Destruction of Black Civilization–Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D.”

“Dr. Chancellor Williams The Destruction of Black Civilization Part 2 of 3”


“Dr. Chancellor Williams The Destruction of Black Civilization Part 3 of 3”


TheDEAN’s list continued:

2. “PowerNomics” by Dr. Claude Anderson

“BEST SELLER LIST – Detroit Free Press, Essense Magazine!”

“PowerNomics analyzes the complex web of racial monopolies and Black America’s inappropriate behavior patterns that are driving it into a permanent underclass status. Dr. Anderson proposes new concepts that teach Blacks new ways to see, think, and behave in race matters. His new education, political and economic action steps are designed to make Black America self-sufficient and competitive.”

3.  “The Curse of Ham” by David M. Goldenberg

“The Curse of Ham:
Race and Slavery in Early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
David M. Goldenberg

Winner of the 2005 Meritorious Publication Award, University of Cape Town.”

4.  “The China Price” by Alexandria Harney

“The China Price: The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage takes readers behind the headlines and into the country’s vast ecosystem of export factories to meet the people who produce what we consume.

The book exposes a system of unregistered factories that cut corners on safety and working conditions to meet multinational companies’ demands for ever-lower prices. It documents how China’s export manufacturing industry allows millions of workers to move slowly out of poverty – even as they pay a price in terms of their own health. How the country’s coal mining sector continues to thrive – even as it produces a stunning 70 percent of the world’s coal mining deaths. And how a growing number of younger workers have had enough.

Called “essential reading for anyone concerned about how dangerous pet food and children’s clothing manufactured in China make it into American stores” by Kirkus Reviews, The China Price is a landmark investigation into the heart of China’s economy.”

I hope you will learn more, and gain knowledge as I have by listening to my fabulous audience.

As TheDEAN always says: “Each one reach one.  Each one teach one.  Thank you DEAN!  IDECLAIR IT!



>> I want to thank TALKERS Magazine (the last issue was just published) for including IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW… to the publication.

TALKERS Magazine is the first official print ad placement for IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW… and we could not be more honored!

Wow, what an humbling honor to be a part of TALKERS Magazine, and  Thank you Michael Harrison, and the staff of TALKERS Magazine.  Congratulations on decades of publishing excellence, and a tremendously bright future w/ .


Inspiring artists are greatly appreciated here @ IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW…

Check out “LAK” (pronounced ‘lock’)!  This young man is on the move informing, educating, uplifting, and inspiring every step of the way!

I love his work, and art.  Check this out: .

Thank you LAK!

“Congress Women (remix) from Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education”

Lak is the co-founder, CEO, recording artist and co-executive producer of Smart Music Entertainment.  He has recently released a new album called Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education.

Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education hits on topics such as money management, African-American impact, history, politics, female empowerment and more, without sacrificing the integrity of the sound of hip-hop music.  As The Urban Times said, “Lak is taking the reigns from the ‘higher powers’ who control hip-hop and bringing it back to its original essence.”


MUST READ: Thank you Russell Simmons, and Dylan Ratigan!

“Occupy the Dream: The Mathematics of Racism”



A fabulous young talent is Najla T of ‘theNOW!’  Najla is fresh, beautiful, and informed!   Stay in touch with ‘theNOW!’

Najla stopped by THE IDECLAIR SHOW… and shared her insight and light with us!   Here’s the link:




This is one of the best shows on money and finance, and how we as a culture look at, and allocate our money, and our finances!  Excellent work Navaxor1 of ‘BlogTalkRadio’s LET”S TALK!

“THE ONE AND ONLY Mr. ELLIS LIDDELL  President of  ELE WEALTH MANAGEMENT. With 31YEARS Of Investment & Retirement Planning Experience, and Register in over 30 states.”


Proud to be the first IDECLAIR Fav!

Plain and simple … THE RIGHT THING TO DO!   Thank you President and First Lady Obama.

“President Obama and the First Lady Speak to Troops at Fort Bragg”

“President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama welcome home troops at Fort Bragg in North Carolina and thank them all for their service. December 14, 2011.”

No Matter What… RISE!    No Matter What… BUILD!






M-F 11AM ET live

No Matter What… Know Your Value!   No Matter What… Know You Matter!