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Good Tuesday 10 November, 2015.  As always, thanks to You for listening to, participating in, & engaging w


Thank you to our special guest Alfo for joining us tonight.  A huge thanks to all listeners, chatters, & social media fam’ for inviting us in your orbit.

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Tonight, we featured a thought provoking commentary.

Who are you supporting politically? Where is your support allocated?  How are you engaged in the political process this political season?

Sean Combs, aka @IAmDiddy did a powerful interview w/ the power crew of HOT97!


First, to listen to a master hustler spirit bring his life, and creative purity to the airwaves is pure power. Then, Diddy goes into politics… and it only gets better from there!

Thank you @HOT97 & @IAmDiddy for THIS:

“Puff Daddy Drops Free Music #MMM & Feels The US Gov’t Owes the Black Community”

Nov 4, 2015
“Diddy sits with Ebro in the Morning and Talks Free Music #MMM, Birthday, Lil Kim, Vote or Die, Justice or Else Hot For the Holidays & More!”


America’s fast food & service sector workers are rising nationwide, fighting for livable wages, & monetary respect.

Tens of millions of Americans work 40+ hours per week, only to continue to be mired in impoverished circumstances. A grassroots & nationwide call to action for livable wages is being roared, & demanded by those workers & heard & supported by millions of Americans.

After all when American families, and consumers have more expendable income, the overall economy is supported, sustained, & bolstered.

Clearly in this highly charged political season, the issue of economic inequality, wealth concentration, livable wages, & economic dignity for all working Americans is front and center.

Regardless of political affiliation, all workers should be fighting for livable wages.


“Come Get My Vote”


Republican presidential candidates debate tonight in Milwaukee Wisc. on FOX Business:

Will the clown car charade of GOP presidential politics continue? At such a serious time in America’s history, will the GOP continue to fear full demography voter participation & engagement?

As long as Republicans push to restrict voter participation, livable wages, equality for Women, health care access, common sense gun laws, & policies, taxation reforms, climate change policies, education reforms, worker protections, etc., GOP credibility is non existent.


Both of the below vids are Must Watch.

“Rep. Alan Grayson on Marco Rubio – All In With Chris Hayes”

Nov 10, 2015

Rep. Alan Grayson ‏@AlanGrayson
“I did more in a single day — a few months ago— in terms of passing amendments than @marcorubio has done in 5 + years”



“Bernie Sanders: US Has A Voting Rights Crisis | Democratic Forum | MSNBC”

Nov 6, 2015
“Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders explains how every American should have a right to vote, and calls lawmakers that enforce any restrictive voting legislation “political cowards.””
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The fight for dignity, humanity, and respect continue, this time on the campus of University of Missouri.

Unspeakable displays of racial intolerance, and ignorance has led to student leader hunger strikes, widespread campus protests (w support of faculty), national media attention, social media up-roaring, & finally the big money moving Mizzou football team in unison saying enough. The teams’ demand: if the university president does not resign, no game(s) will be played.

As always, follow the money.  The change came fast.

Yesterday, before the national press, Univ. President resigned, with the chancellor following. But, is the resignation of the University of Missouri President & Chancellor enough?

Racial disparities rooted in centuries old racism, & slavery are interwoven in policies, procedures, and practices throughout America, and we all know it.

We talk racism interwoven in policies, procedures, & practices in America.



“University of Missouri president and chancellor step down amid race row”

By Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN
Mon 9, 2015


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