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On Super Tuesday January 10 2012, Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary.  He comes out to do his victory speech (not off the cuff) and says this:

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“Mitt Romney New Hampshire Primary Victory Speech (2012)”

“From C-SPAN coverage: Mitt Romney 2012 New Hampshire Primary Victory Speech”

>> The former Massachusetts Governor spoke of ‘the politics of envy.”    These latest words (on top of “I like being able to fire people”) are a further example of how absolutely, totally, and literally Mr. Romney has no concept of tough times, and what Americans are going through, and dealing with.

The American people are fighting for worker rights, and worker respect (Romney has referred to American workers as “union stooges”).

The American people are speaking to, standing up for, protesting on behalf of, and willing to be arrested and worse for economic opportunities, and a correction to the horrific economic and financial wrongs that have been done to millions of Americans!

Millions of Americans have been duped by deliberately written horrific predatory loans, have lost their homes, and any and all sense of community security.

The American people are becoming, and have become aware of gross inequities within the tax code that continues to provide mile wide loopholes for people like Romney to take advantage of… and the people want this corrected, and made fair!

Millions of Americans have lost their pensions, savings, retirement and what little monetized security they may have had left to Wall St. parasitic and vulturistic practices.   How the hell is “the politics of envy?”

For Mitt Romney so easily, and arrogantly say this is “the politics of envy” is to talk down to The American people… AGAIN!

This is not at all about envy… this is about calling out the lack of respect for The American Worker, gross economic inequities, and Wall Street predatory parasitic practices that have gone on far too long!  PERIOD.

The American people are awakening to the utter economic shaft millions find themselves in.

How dare Romney say this is ‘the politics of envy.’

The 99% Movement is calling out the gross, vile, parasitic, and vulturous, economic inequities people like Romney have been the benefactors of.

The American people are awakening to the TIRED TALKING POINTS, and the TIRED TALKING DOWN TO, and saying  NO MITTENS… NOT THIS TIME!

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“Does Mitt Romney Care About Jobs or Just Making Money?”

“Uploaded by on Jan 6, 2012″

“Two steelworkers tell their story about how they lost their jobs when Mitt Romney and Bain Capital took over the steel plant in Kansas City and eventually shut the place down.”

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“Perry Slams Romney’s Record at Bain Capital”

Mitt Romney Says The Problem Is: “The Politics of Envy.”   No Mittens, The Problem Is The Gross Inequities & Capitalistic Parasites & Vultures LIKE YOU!

Did Bain Capital and Mitt Romney profit from bankrupting companies?

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