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@IDECLAIRMEDIA Political Primary 2016: REASONS for POLITICAL RELUCTANCE of the Clintons: Are Progressives engaged in a mass rejection of Clintonism? Have You had enough of Clinton era politics? 

WE discuss the elephant in the political process: Clintonism

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Presidential primary 2016 New Hampshire, SC, & beyond: what candidate(s) have You been paying attention to? What issues are You most concerned about?

Wall Street deregulation, economy killing trade agreements, corruptive/fraudulent banking/taxation policies, racist criminal justice policies, access to education, & affordable health care, & on, & on…

Sen. Bernie Sanders has been intensely competitive against Sec. Hillary Clinton. The #FeelTheBern supporters (of which I am one) are serious & show no signs of relenting. 

I’ve shared some of my many Reasons for Reluctance re: supporting Sec. Hillary Clinton, & frankly w/ Sen. Sanders as well.

Let’s discuss the elephant in the political process: VALID Reasons for Political Reluctance of ANY Clinton!

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Thank you Michelle Alexander for THIS:

Michelle Alexander, January 28
“If anyone doubts that the mainstream media fails to tell the truth about our political system (and its true winners and losers), the spectacle of large majorities of black folks supporting Hillary Clinton in the primary races ought to be proof enough. I can’t believe Hillary would be coasting into the primaries with her current margin of black support if most people knew how much damage the Clintons have done – the millions of families that were destroyed the last time they were in the White House thanks to their boastful embrace of the mass incarceration machine and their total capitulation to the right-wing narrative on race, crime, welfare and taxes. There’s so much more to say on this topic and it’s a shame that more people aren’t saying it. I think it’s time we have that conversation.”


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Tyou @Truthdig

“Hillary Blames Bernie for an Old Clintonite Hustle, and That’s a Rotten Shame”

Jan 19, 2016, By Robert Scheer

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Thank you @Thom_Hartmann for THIS: 

“The Most Disingenuous Attack On Bernie Yet…”

Jan 20, 2016
“Hillary Clinton isn’t telling a true story about Bernie Sanders and his vote for the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, or CFMA. As Robert Scheer has pointed over at TruthDig, then-Congressman Sanders voted for the CMFA not because he wanted to, but because he had to. The CMFA had been shoved into an omnibus spending bill at the last minute as part of a deal between Republicans and President Bill Clinton, and because this was a time when, you know, Congress actually did its job, Sanders bit the bullet and voted for the whole package — CFMA included — to make sure the government got the money it needed to keep running.”

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