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Good Friday 8 June 2012.  Talk REAL RAW RIGHT NOW… with IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW…  Please enjoy on demand programming today!

>> The blatant, ugly, obscene, and in your face voter suppression efforts from Republican Governors across America should be the greatest wake up call in this modern era.

If you do not use your sacred right to vote, you could lose your sacred right to vote.  Republicans have used the excuse for voter purges is ‘voter fraud’… however study after study has debunked the ‘voter fraud’ excuse.

What is actually happening is Republican fear based, coordinated, orchestrated, voter suppression, and blocking voter success.  People of Color, Immigrants, Students, Elderly, Independent & Democratic voters are being targeted and purged off voter rolls.

The Republican coordinated voter suppression activity is blatant, ugly, & obscene.  The problem is not voter fraud, the problem is millions upon millions of Americans found their voice through their vote, and that massive voter voice scares the pants off Republicans… and now we see Republicans implementing voter purging rolls.

The real problem with Republicans are how successful the 2008 election was for Democrats.  The real problem for Republicans is voter success, not voter fraud!

The War Room with Jen… : Fla. Gov. Rick Scott repeating ‘evils of”

Published on Jun 7, 2012 by 

“Jennifer Granholm seriously questions if Rick Scott has a handle on what democracy really is, but that isn’t stopping him from making it next to impossible for Florida citizens to practice their constitutional right to vote. In fact, Jennifer reminds us that voter fraud is so rare that you’re more likely to be hit by lightening then to commit voter fraud.”
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“Stealing 2012: AG Holder Needs To Intervene in Blatant Florida GOP ‘Vote Theft'”

Published on Jun 8, 2012 by 

>> House Democrats offer a proposal to raise the minimum wage to 10.00.  Do you support?

With gaping wage disparity, the shrinking of Americas Middle Class incomes, and Republicans at the core of it all … shouldn’t the minimum wage be raised to keep pace with the economic disparities that aggressively continue?

House Democrats Propose Increasing Minimum Wage To $10

By Pat Garofalo on Jun 7, 2012


>> Where were you January 21ST 2012?  This is the day Americas political process changed… BIGTIME.

At the core of the great election buyout movement is ‘Citizens United,’ brought to us on this day January 21, 2012.  If you want to know how ‘Citizens United’ came to be, the backstory, the players, and the horrific impact on our political process?  You MUST READ this!

“Money Unlimited”

“How Chief Justice John Roberts orchestrated the Citizens United decision.”

by  MAY 21, 2012




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