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Good Thursday 3 May, 2012.  Thanks for tuning in, and touching base with IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW…  

Having ” A Method To The Madness” … is a phrase we have all heard.  Revealing the (Screw Us ALL) Madness In The GOP Method… is the REAL RAW RIGHT NOW…

>> Today:  Get Informed.  Get Empowered.  Get Active.   No Matter What… VOTE!

>> Did you see this?  The GOP sponsored Voter ID Laws are blocking American citizens their right to VOTE!  MUST WATCH.

“Plaintiff Viviette Applewhite”  

Published on May 2, 2012 by 

“Advancement Project filed a lawsuit on behalf of Viviette Applewhite, a 95 year old woman who has participated in every election since 1961, cannot under current Pennsylvania law vote in the upcoming 2012 election because she lacks photo ID.This lawsuit is part of our larger effort to overturning unconstitutional voter photo ID laws.”

Link to Press Release:…


An excerpt:


“Advancement Project’s Right to Vote initiative is an extension of U.S. Representative Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.’s pioneering work (House Joint Resolution 28), which spearheaded the most recent movement to enshrine the right to vote into the U.S. Constitution by amendment. Advancement Project’s Right to Vote Public Education Initiative seeks to increase public awareness of the need for stronger voting rights enforcement, including the ramifications of an affirmative, federally protected right to vote. Our current activities include legal/ policy research and analysis; research on public opinion and attitudes; outreach to important stakeholders and development of a strategic public education plan.

Visit I WANT MY RIGHT TO VOTE to find out more.

Most Americans would probably be surprised to learn that there is no provision of U.S. law that affirmatively guarantees citizens the right to vote. No such right is explicitly guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, the 1965 Voting Rights Act or any other federal legislation. Even the post-Civil War amendments to the Constitution do not explicitly guarantee the fundamental right to vote to all citizens. They prohibit discrimination on account of race, sex, language, ethnicity, religion and age, but the states decide in the first instance who is qualified to vote and whether and when elections should even be held. The Supreme Court majority in the Bush v. Gore case concluded: “the individual citizen has no federal constitutional right to vote for electors for the President of the United States.” (531 U.S. 98, 104 (2000)). The U.S. is one of only eleven of the 119 democratic countries in the world that do not explicitly provide the right to vote in their Constitutions. Both the Afghan Constitution and the Interim Iraqi Constitution guarantee the right to vote.”


>> Sen. Bernie Sanders bringing the Paul Ryan Budgetary REAL RAW RIGHT NOW… 

“A Budget Shell Game”

April 4, 2012

“The House-passed budget would make deep cuts in programs for working families while offering even more tax breaks for the wealthy.  Sen. Bernie Sanders called it “a shell game.” While Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s rhetoric is about deficit reduction, the plan wouldn’t achieve that stated goal. “These guys really are not staying up nights worrying about deficits,” the senator told radio host Ed Schultz. The real goal, Sanders said, “is a radical reversal of what this country has been about for 80 years … to enshrine working families, the elderly, the sick and the poor with more rights, more independence. What they want to do is undermine all of that and bring us back to the 1920s.””


>> Have you been discriminated against at the workplace because of your weight?  Read this!  

An Excerpt:

“Obesity affects job prospects for women, study finds”

30 Apr 2012

“Obese women are more likely to be discriminated against when applying for jobs and receive lower starting salaries than their non-overweight colleagues, a new study has found.”

“The study, led by The University of Manchester and Monash University, Melbourne, and published in the International Journal of Obesity, examined whether a recently developed measure of anti-fat prejudice, the universal measure of bias (UMB), predicted actual obesity job discrimination. The researchers also assessed whether people’s insecurity with their own bodies (body image) and conservative personalities such as, authoritarianism, and social dominance orientation were related to obesity discrimination, as they are related to homophobia and racism.

Psychologist and lead researcher Dr Kerry O’Brien said the nature of the study was initially concealed from the participants to avoid biased results, and simply advertised as a study on whether some people are better at personnel selection than others.

“Participants viewed a series of resumes that had a small photo of the job applicant attached, and were asked to make ratings of the applicants suitability, starting salary, and employability,” said Dr O’Brien. “We used pictures of women pre- and post-bariatric surgery, and varied whether participants saw either a resume, amongst many, that had a picture of an obese female (BMI 38-41) attached, or the same female but in a normal weight range (BMI 22-24) following bariatric surgery.

“We found that strong obesity discrimination was displayed across all job selection criteria, such as starting salary, leadership potential, and likelihood of selecting an obese candidate for the job.”

The higher a participant’s score on the measure of anti-fat prejudice, the more likely they were to discriminate against obese candidates, while those with a more authoritarian personality also displayed discrimination.”



>> Today, I elaborate on our commonalities, and how NO MATTER WHAT… color, religion, culture, region, or gender… WE ARE ALL BEING SCREWED BY THE TAX CODE!   Therefore, in my book we are in the same struggle!

Are you a Middle Classer, (28% + tax rate paying) American?  If so … we are ALL in this tax code madness mess together!

Are you supporting Americas GOP which advocated, has been lobbied on behalf of, legislated, and voted for tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, maintaining billion dollar corporation tax code loopholes, raising average Americans taxes, while at the same time cutting, gutting, and looting social safety nets millions of Americans count on?   Are you supporting policies that are directly in opposition to your life?

Remember the universality of the issue… as others work to pit one American against the other.   This is UNIVERSAL.

“Billionaires Charles & David Koch Paying To Destroy America’s Middle Class”

Published on May 3, 2012 by 


>> Thank you again, Sen. Bernie Sanders & MSNBC’S Ed Schultz!

“Fighting for the Middle Class”  

Published on May 2, 2012 by 


>> We listen to Ms. Rena Bless, as she roared her REAL RAW RIGHT NOW… on this community crushing Media event.  The dismissing of an entire format of NY Radio.  Damn!

Media mergers leaving listeners, and communities in the dust.  


All this, more, and Your REAL RAW RIGHT NOW…

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