GOP WAR(S) on VOTERS, Women, Workers, Unions, Pay Equity, Education, Immigrants, Seniors, LGBT, HealthCare, Education, Infrastructure & MORE ~ NOVEMBER 4, 2014 ElectionDay! No Matter What… #VOTE! IDECLAIR IT.

Good Saturday, 30 August, 2014.  Thank YOU for listening to, participating in, and engaging w/ IDCM, TIDCS...   >>> Instead of Republicans being so relentlessly fixated on varying & multiple WARS AGAINST EVERYDAY AMERICANS, the GOP obviously needs to be focused, and working relentlessly bringing solution to real, tangible, and global threats posing 'imminent' danger to America, and … [Read more...]

CHRONIC UNEMPLOYMENT ‘Is The GOAL’ For Some Special Interests! *** (Fake Deficit Obsessed) Congressionally Created Instrument of Brutal Budget Cutting Sequestration: (Travel Gets Loophole, aka Wash. D.C. Politicians Inconvenienced) Kids, Education, Nutrition, & More Impacted *** REPEAL THE SEQUESTER! *** Austerity Grid Officially Debunked! Tyou American HERO Thomas Herndon, UMass Economic Grad Student! IDECLAIR IT!~

Good Monday 29 April, 2013.  Thanks for listening to, participating in, & ENGAGING w/ IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW... *Congressionally Created Sequester Budget Chaos & Congressionally Created FAA Travel LOOPHOLE (For Politicians) To Avoid it!  *Deliberate Congressionally Created CHRONIC UNEMPLOYMENT! *Austerity Grid DEBUNKED: Thank you Thomas Herndon, 28 Year Old UMass Amherst Economics Grad Student … [Read more...]

Are You An ‘Average American’ Voting Republican? WHY? Republicans = WARS (Via Policy) On Women, Immigrants, Voting Rights, Education, Labor, Health Care, And More! THE IDECLAIR SHOW… REAL. RAW. RIGHT NOW… IDECLAIR IT!

Good Wednesday 23 May 2012.  Today on THE IDECLAIR SHOW...   >> Republicans have waged several wars (war on Women, war on Immigrants, war on Voting Rights, war on Health Care, war on Elderly, Children, Education, Labor, Workers, and on, and on, and on) simultaneously... and now want those who they have attacked to vote and support their draconian policies. Republicans think having a visual luke warm makeover … [Read more...]

WINGING IT! What Has ‘Winging It’ Cost You? Has ‘Winging It’ Worked In Your Favor? Is Winging It (Re: Family, Education, Business, Etc.,) In Your Best Interest?! THE IDECLAIR SHOW… REAL. RAW. RIGHT NOW… IDECLAIR IT!

IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW... home of the REAL RAW RIGHT NOW... is where people all over the world come to roar the REAL RAW RIGHT NOW... 'WINGING IT...   TAKING AS IT COMES...    CROSSING THAT BRIDGE WHEN YOU GET TO IT... ' >> In your approach to family, education, and business… do you ‘wing it?’  In your approach to family, education, and business… do you ‘take it as it comes?’  Do you constantly cross that bridge when you get to … [Read more...]


Look, the luxury of sitting on the sidelines is NO MORE!  GET ENGAGED. Education, Health Care, Economic issues, Societal issues, Voting rights issues, Military issues, Community issues, and on, and on, and on. All hands on deck, sleeves rolled up, and ready to learn what is going on around YOU, NOW... LOVE YOUR RESEARCH.  Learn how you learn, and learn to love learning! Maybe you are one of the people who wants to look into a criminal justice degree to make a difference. Time to get … [Read more...]