Republican Saboteurs: Deliberate Coordinated Economy Tanking! Arizona’s Dem. Ron Barber WINS Special Cong. Election! Romney’s Health Care Plan: “Consumer Market!” Romney HealthCare: Run It Like Bain! TIDCS… RRRN… IDECLAIR IT!

Talking REAL RAW RIGHT NOW... w/ THE IDECLAIR SHOW... will be back soon.  I am away caring for Mom. The REAL RAW RIGHT NOW... never stops, so here's the blog. >> On THE IDECLAIR SHOW... we have been speaking to the Republicans deliberate tanking of the American economy as their 'top goal' stated by Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is to ensure Pres. Obama is a 'one term' President. Republicans have been in lockstep coordination since the Inauguration of President Obama to obstruct, … [Read more...]