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Good Monday 3 June, 2013.  Thanks for listening to, participating in, and ENGAGING w/ IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW…

*Today, on ‘Talk Policy To Me Monday,’ we listen to the Weekly Address, talk global trade, it’s America economy eroding impact, and just who owns what in America.  Then we move into pure inspiration.  Oprah Winfrey gives a wise, empowering, powerful, and truly memorable 2013 Harvard Commencement Address.  Were on it ALL.  


*America has been called ‘the greatest consumer nation on planet earth,’ (which is a sad title by the way).  

How informed are we as a nation of consumers?  Have you become more judicial, and scrutinizing of your consumer patterns?  We study the policy grid of global trade and get your REAL RAW RIGHT NOW… on its impact.  

It’s no secret America is not manufacturing like we should, we are importing literally everything, and there has been aggressive foreign investment in American businesses.  

Who owns who, and what?  

Are you interested in knowing who owns businesses you frequent?  Do you care where products you consume come from?  How can any nation maintain their power and sell off (to foreign entities) its core vessels of manufacturing, and economy supporting infrastructure?  

Let’s talk consumerism, cultural conditioning, and the changing grid of labor (WAGES)  in America and globally, and consumerism is smack dab in the middle of it ALL.  


By the time people kill for ‘tennis shoes’ (and ANY other offshored, cheaply manufactured, shallow, meaningless mass consumed products, aka … THINGS), I submit the blind zombie consumerism mindset has hit full tilt.  

The longterm, life changing, quality of life impacting trade policies, connected to stacked decades of intense cultural conditioning, deliberate dilution of worker protections, high unemployment, low wages, historic corporate profits, low information blind consumerism of cheap offshored goods, education access narrowing, policies ensuring it all, add a swirled 24/7/365 cycle of (not in your best interest) “entertainment” and it’s hard to deny something nationally is being done to us.  

The national downgrading of American wages, and the American way of life is here, and we better know the policies that are dictating it.  

Yet, there is absolute silence on the game changing grid and life long impact of (not in our best interest) trade policies from Americas elected representatives, with the exception of a a few like Senator Bernie Sanders I-VT.   

Americans should be discussing the absolute undeniable total recalibration of how we make a living, who we are in direct competition with, and the strength of American wages.

Livable wages are the plumbing of the’transmission of America’s economy.  NO NATIONAL DIALOG ABOUT THIS is disturbing, and we should not stand for it.  WE DISCUSS the longterm impact of trade policy HERE, and how to combat “free” trade! 

Talk Policy To Me Monday! IDECLAIR IT!~  


*We listen to Oprah Winfrey address the 2013 graduates of Harvard University.  

Ms. Winfrey’s story is one of great American, (and global) success.  Her example of focus, vision, and relentless hard work is inspiring, informing and insightful.  

Oprah’s commencement address before the accomplished Harvard grads is extremely wise, and tremendously inspiring.  

Congratulations to America’s 2013 graduates, and thank you (again), Oprah!  

See video below. 


“Weekly Address: Congress Should Take Action to Continue Growing the Economy”

“Weekly Address: Congress Should Take Action to Continue Growing the Economy”

“WASHINGTON, DC— In this week’s address, President Obama said that the economy is moving in the right direction, but there is still more work to do.  He called on Congress to act to give every responsible homeowner the chance to save money on their mortgage by refinancing at historically low interest rates, put more Americans to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, and fix our broken immigration system, so that we can continue to grow our economy and create good middle class jobs.”

Remarks of President Barack Obama
Weekly Address
The White House
June 1, 2013

“Hi, everybody.  Over the past four and a half years, we’ve been fighting our way back from an economic crisis and punishing recession that cost millions of Americans their jobs, their homes, and the sense of security they’d worked so hard to build.

And thanks to the grit and determination of the American people, our businesses have now created nearly 7 million new jobs over the past 38 months.

An auto industry that was flatlining is once again the heartbeat of American manufacturing – with Americans buying more cars than we have in five years.

Within the next few months, we’re projected to begin producing more of our own crude oil at home than we buy from other countries – the first time that’s happened in 16 years.

Deficits that were growing for years are now shrinking at the fastest rate in decades.  The rise of health care costs is slowing, too.

And a housing market that was in tatters is showing new signs of real strength.  Sales are rising.  Foreclosures are declining.  Construction is expanding.  And home prices that are rising at the fastest rate in nearly seven years are helping a lot of families breathe a lot easier.

Now we need to do more.

This week, my administration announced that we’re extending a program to help more responsible families modify their mortgages so they can stay in their homes.

But to keep our housing market and our economy growing, Congress needs to step up and do its part.  Members of Congress will be coming back next week for an important month of work.  We’ve got to keep this progress going until middle-class families start regaining that sense of security.  And we can’t let partisan politics get in the way.

Congress should pass a law giving every responsible homeowner the chance to save about $3,000 a year on their mortgage by refinancing at historically low interest rates.

Congress should put more Americans to work rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, like the one that collapsed last week in Washington state.  We’d all be safer, and the unemployment rate would fall faster.

And Congress should fix our broken immigration system by passing commonsense reform that continues to strengthen our borders; holds employers accountable; provides a pathway to earned citizenship; and also modernizes our legal immigration system so that we’re reuniting families and attracting the highly-skilled entrepreneurs and engineers who will help our economy grow.

So there are a lot of reasons to feel optimistic about where we’re headed as a country – especially after all we’ve fought through together.  We’ve just got to keep going.  Because we’ve got more good jobs to create.  We’ve got more kids to educate.  We’ve got more doors of opportunity to open for anyone who’s willing to work hard enough to walk through those doors.

And if we work together, I’m as confident as I’ve ever been that we’ll get to where we need to be.

Thanks and have a great weekend.”


Who owns what in America?  As the worlds greatest consumers, do you care where the products, and services come from that you consume?  

Thank you  These postings are MUST READ.

“Wake Up, America! American Companies Are Being Sold To Foreign Interests”


“The WTO Now Controls Our Economy, Fate and Future”

“Since entering the WTO in 2001, trade with China has resulted in the loss of 2.8 million jobs through 2010, according to the most recent studyby the Economic Policy Institute. Those fortunate enough to retain their jobs witnessed their annual earnings decrease by roughly $1,400. American workers are put in direct competition with one another as more and more employers look to offshore production to nations with lower wage rates.”


“Disastrous, Job Killing “Free Trade””


Congratulations to the 2013 graduates of Harvard, and Ms. Oprah Winfrey.  

This is pure inspiration.

“Oprah Winfrey Harvard Commencement speech | Harvard Commencement 2013”

May 30, 2013

“Oprah Winfrey, who has used her success as a talk show host and media entrepreneur to promote education, civic engagement, and charitable works, addresses graduates at Harvard’s 362nd Commencement on May 30, 2013 at Tercentenary Theatre.”

“It doesn’t matter how far you might rise,” Winfrey said. “At some point, you are bound to stumble. … And when you do, remember this: there is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.”


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