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Good Tuesday 12 February, 2013.  Thanks for listening to, participating in, & ENGAGING w/ IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW…  


*Today, we get your thoughts on America’s State Of The Union, as we await President Obama’s historic address tonight.  

*IDECLAIR IT!~ on Serious Citizenship, & Serious Citizenry!  Are you Issue ENGAGED?  

The issues we face are life and death serious (see below), longterm, life impacting & require Serious Citizenry.  I call out the casual mindset governing too many.  IDECLAIR IT!~  

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>>> America, call Homeland Security, and Secret Service to BAR Ted Nugent from being any where near President Obama after saying this: 

“Ted Nugent Threatens Obama & Clinton”

Uploaded on Sep 4, 2007

“Ted Nugent Threatens to Kill Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton During Vicious Onstage Rant”

Texas Congressman Steve Stockman (who reportedly invited Nugent to SOTU), giving any Congressional credibility to Nugent’s extreme viscious provocation is horrific, insulting, completely detached from where America is, and totally unacceptable!  IDECLAIR IT!~ 

Why is Ted Nugent, whose comments have been so obviously extreme, including the apparent threatening of President Obama, so extreme Nugent was visited by The Secret Service allowed anywhere near President Obama?  

How the Nugent “prop” for the gun lobby is even allowed to sit before the President, and America, at tonight’s State Of The Union Address is symbolic of how extreme Republicans are, and the extreme mindset Republicans govern from.  IDECLAIR IT!~ 

America, contact The Department of Homeland Security, and The Secret Service… let them know your thoughts about Ted Nugent.

“Main DHS Phone Numbers”

  • Operator Number: 202-282-8000
  • Comment Line: 202-282-8495
Contact Secret Service re: Ted Nugent: 
Section 508 Complaint Processing Procedures

The amendments to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 U.S.C. 794d, which took effect in 2001, provide that each federal agency must ensure the electronic and information technology it develops, procures, maintains or uses is accessible to individuals with disabilities who are federal employees or applicants, or members of the public seeking information or services from the agency. Section 508 authorizes individuals to file administrative complaints and civil actions against the agency, limited to the alleged failure to procure accessible technology. The statute requires federal agencies to process Section 508 complaints according to the same complaint procedures used to process Section 504 complaints.

If you are a member of the public or an employee or applicant for employment with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or the United States Secret Service who has a disability and wish to file a complaint of noncompliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, you may send a signed, written complaint within 180 days of the incident that gave rise to the complaint to the following address:

United States Secret Service
Communications Center (EEO)
ATTN: Section 508 Complaints
245 Murrary Drive S.W., Bldg 410
Washington, D.C. 20223

Your complaint should include sufficient details of the alleged failure to procure accessible technology in compliance with Section 508 that will enable the Office of Equal Opportunity to understand what occurred, where and when it occurred and the responsible Secret Service organization, if known. The Office of Equal Opportunity will investigate your complaint against the Secret Service pursuant to the compliance procedures set forth in 29 U.S.C. 794 d(f)(2). These are the same procedures that DHS uses to process Section 504 complaints.

The Secret Service will investigate your complaints and attempt resolution. If no resolution is achieved, a letter of findings will be issued, notifying you of the results of the investigation. If you disagree with the letter of findings, you will be provided with administrative appeal procedures. If you appeal the letter of findings, DHS will issue a final decision based on the entire record. This decision will set forth the findings, remedial action required, if any, and reasons for the decision.

Alternative Means of Filing a Complaint: The Secret Service will provide appropriate assistance to complainants who may need help in filing their complaint, and will consider complaints filed in alternate forms. For example, a complainant with a disability may file a complaint electronically, by audiotape, in Braille, or in some other format. Electronic complaints should be sent . Additionally, oral complaints will be considered if the complainant is unable to write and cannot have someone write out the complaint for him or her. To file a complaint telephonically, complainants should call (202)406-5540 or TTY (202)406-9805.



Tax Fairness:  Thank you Senator Bernie Sanders. 

“The Corporate Tax Fairness Act”

Feb 7, 2013

“Tax Fairness”

February 11, 2013

“Senate leaders this week hope to settle on a plan to avoid nearly $1 trillion in federal spending cuts set to take effect March 1 under a so-called budget sequester. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday cosponsored legislation by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse to replace the across-the-board cuts. The proposal would raise $960 billion by closing tax loopholes that benefit the wealthiest Americans and big corporations. “At a time when revenue is near a 60-year low in terms of GDP and when corporations are doing phenomenally well while the middle class in America is collapsing, it is absolutely appropriate to ask corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes so we don’t balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the young, the sick and the poor,” Sanders said on Monday. Sanders last Thursday proposed his own bill to stop letting profitable corporations shelter income in the Cayman Islands and other offshore tax shelters (S.250). “Wall Street banks and large companies love America when they need corporate welfare. But when it comes to paying American taxes or American wages, they want nothing to do with this country. That has got to change,” Sanders wrote in a column last weekend for The Huffington Post.”



 Thank you  This is MUST WATCH.

“Revealed: The Truth about the NRA”

Feb 11, 2013

“Think you know who and what the NRA is? Watch this video and find out the truth about the gun industry money behind the NRA’s fight against common sense gun safety legislation in the aftermath of the tragedy in Newtown.”


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