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Good Monday 13 August, 2012.   It’s official, Gov. Romney picks the architect of Republican extremism, Budget Chairman Congressman Paul Ryan.   The Ryan Romney Budget (which passed the House of Representatives) has been an ongoing important discussion here at IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW… 

“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: Back to the Failed Top-Down Policies”

“Published on Aug 11, 2012 by 

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Paul Ryan is the mastermind behind the extreme GOP budget plan. It’s a plan Mitt Romney endorses.

But what does that budget mean for America? The GOP budget plan hurts seniors, it hurts middle-class families, and it hurts students. All to pay for tax cuts for those at the top..

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: back to the failed top-down policies that crashed our economy.

Learn more: http://OFA.BO/hunUfC



If you are not yet familiar with the Ryan Romney Budget, get familiar here:

“Paul Ryan’s Plan: The GOP Budget And The 2012 Race”

Posted: 03/20/2012 6:47 pm Updated: 04/ 3/2012 6:02 pm


“What do Floridians think about the Romney-Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it?”

“Published on Aug 13, 2012 by 

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We asked Floridians what they thought of the Romney-Ryan plan.”



“VAN HOLLEN: Romney-Ryan Budget Is Great For People Like Mitt Romney”

“Published on Aug 12, 2012 by 

CNN, 8/12/12″




“Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan, Two Men Who Will Destroy Poor America! by Russell Simmons”

Posted August 11, 2012 by Russell Simmons

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Knowing the utter, and absolute urgency of the political choices America will make, what is the role of Black Media?   We all know Black Media can Jam the music, but this is the time to Jam the information!  


Thank you, and

“Black Radio, you’re on notice: Do Your Historical Duty on the issue of getting out the Vote in 2012”

A powerful excerpt below.

“The evidence, if true, is clear and published for this writer in the form of the 630-page sworn deposition recorded over two days in late May 2012, given by Florida’s former Republican Party chairman Jim Greer and the express testimony contained therein where he makes the sworn statement of the evidence by testifying that Greer had actual knowledge of a concerted effort of the suppression of the black-American vote in Florida by the Florida GOP.  In our world as American citizens, one can argue that admitted sworn evidence does not lie.

So, in light of these stories reported, the question is, if this is the case, what will aid the process of informing black-America as to the information and process of making sure that the vote for black-Americans is less likely to be suppressed despite these news reports and their substances? I mean, hell, we are less than 100 days before Election Day and something needs attention. What needs attention is this issue.   So I ask you the readers of this article in Constitutionally Speaking, what institution and or institutions are best equipped to let the black-American masses know when voter registration ends, in an effort to try to make sure that the vote for black-Americans is less likely to be suppressed given the election for 2012 is before us?  What institution and or institutions are best equipped to let the black-American masses know that “you gotta do whacha gotta do now, and let’s get it done now” in terms disseminating information and not allow the suppression effort be successful? What institution and or institutions are best equipped to let the black-American masses know when early voting begins in an effort to try to make sure that the vote for black-Americans is less likely to be suppressed?    What institution and or institutions are best equipped to let the black-American masses know what to take with you, if anything, for early voting or to vote on Election Day?  Well, for this writer, the best institution equipped to do the job is black-American radio.  Yes, black radio or Urban Contemporary, or Hip-Hop, Urban Adult, or black-Gospel and black-Talk.  Black radio is now on notice for this writer that it is incumbent for it, in the many aforementioned formats, to step up to the plate to dedicate and give their community based broadcast “public service announcements” and “community programming time” assuming that there is any community service time left in this day and age for black-American radio, and dedicate broadcasting it with good faith and zeal to inform the community about this urgent matter at hand.

This dedication to the liberation by way of information for the black-American community where these black-American formatted outlets are located and to which they are licensed to serve is a historical duty for the format.  That once unshakable duty to the community that the black-American radio outlet served “in the public’s interest, convenience and necessity” seems not to be as strong in the instant moment. For this writer, black-American radio is now on notice; and the notice is that the black-American radio which has historically dedicated itself to providing for the community this type of zealous and liberating  information, is again needed in a most urgent moment, and that is the instant moment.  I submit to you this argument, opinion and analysis because this writer spent 26 years of his professional life as either as an air personality, news personality, or program director.  But also this writer has been a black-American for 53 plus years.  I know what black-American radio does, what it has done, and what it should be doing, what it’s supposed to be doing, and what black-American radio is not doing in 2012.  Indeed, for this writer, the evidence is clear; black-American radio has an obligation to perform this “community service” in order to satisfy part of its mission as a license holder of the license issued by the United States government by and through the Federal Communications Commission, and there have been few moments in the history of the black-American experience in the United States of America that are of more significance than the instant moment with the 2012 election and an attempt to deprive a community of a constitutional right.”




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