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>> Today, as we maintain engagement, and pro active action on the ongoing GOP wars on average Americans, we discuss the GOP wars on Women, Voting Rights, Health Care, and Workers Rights.

“GOP War On Women”

“Uploaded by on Mar 12, 2012″

“Judging from comments made recently by prominent Republicans, the GOP has got a serious problem with women. Until they get over their issues, women have got a serious problem with the GOP.”

“Ari Berman: “GOP War on Voting” Targets Swing States With New Voter ID and Registration Laws”

“Uploaded by on Mar 13, 2012″

“ – On Monday, the U.S. Department of Justice’s civil rights division blocked Texas from enforcing a new law requiring voters to present photo identification after ruling that the rule would discriminate against Latino voters. The move follows a similar decision late last year to block another voter ID law in South Carolina, the first such law overruled by the Justice Department in nearly two decades. We speak with Ari Berman, a contributing writer for The Nation magazine, who has been extensively covering the issue of voting rights in the United States. He is the author of the book “Herding Donkeys: The Fight to Rebuild the Democratic Party and Reshape American Politics,” just out in paperback.

To watch the complete daily, independent news hour, read the transcript, download the podcast, and for additional Democracy Now! reports on the 2012 election, visit”


>> We get your thoughts on the horrific case on 17 year old murder victim Trayvon Martin.  Mr. Martin was shot dead by a ‘neighborhood watchman.’  The utter outrage is (as of this blog posting) there has been no arrest of George Zimmerman.

>> President Obama welcomes UK Prime Minister James Cameron.  The alliance is historic between U.S. and the U.K..  Afghanistan, Israel, and other foreign policy struggles, and concerns topics of their meetings.

“Preparing for an Official Visit From the United Kingdom”

“Outside the White House, the Union Jack is flying alongside the flags of the United States and the District of Columbia on street lamps down Pennsylvania Avenue — in preparation for a visit from British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Tonight, President Obama and the Prime Minister will travel to Dayton, Ohio — where they’ll take in an NCAA tournament game together. Tomorrow, the White House will host the arrival ceremony for the official visit. Later that night, the President and First Lady Michelle Obama will welcome the Prime Minister and his wife, Samantha Cameron, at a state dinner. In between, the day will be packed with events and policy meetings.”

There’s also this:

>> “TANF Weakening as a Safety Net For Poor Families”

By  Danilo Trisi and LaDonna Pavetti, Ph.D.


>> “End the Afghan Mission Now”

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