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Good Tuesday 31 July 2012.  Thanks for listening to, and engaging in IDECLAIR MEDIA, THE IDECLAIR SHOW…

If you have listened to this program, you know I often reference the world through what is core and what is surface?  What is soul deep, and what is externally oriented?

What quietly rests in your soul, and what is on fire in your soul?  How does this fascinating ethereal process impact your life, your destiny, your choices, your future, and your family? 

Are you living from your core?  Are you living from the surface?  Is your Soul AFire?

Joining us today Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson, Author, Scholar, Pastor.  The latest powerful show to come from TruthWorks Network.

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“Soul AFire with Dr. Matthew V. Johnson” Premieres August 1st TruthWorks Network

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“Soul AFire with Dr. Matthew V. Johnson”
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“Soul Afire is as Ed Blum described Dr. Johnson’s book,” looking into, around, over, and beneath African American religious experiences and employing insights from modern psychology and philosophy, he provides a new perspective on black religion; he shows how, amid their sorrows and sadness, black men and women have created faith. From their tragic experiences, they found visions of God and community, visions that haunt and help every day.””

The call-in program airs LIVE Wednesdays 10 pm ET on TruthWorks Network

Join us today on THE IDECLAIR SHOW… as the conversation is with the host of Soul AFire!  Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson.


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